SPS 161: Sneak Peak: John C Maxwell Interview from AAL

Author Advantage Live is coming up, and I wanted to give you a sneak peak with one of our guests from last year, John C. Maxwell. This interview was everyone’s favorite and brought down the house. I grew up reading John C. Maxwell books. They’ve been fundamental in me becoming a better reader. I also want to announce that tickets are available for Author Advantage Live 2022. We have amazing sessions that will help you sell more books and unlock the author advantage. John C Maxwell is a number one New York Times bestselling author. He’s a speaker, coach and leader who has sold over 33 million copies of his 83 books written. 

He’s often called the country’s No. 1 leadership authority. He’s been identified by Inc. as the most popular leadership expert in the world. He runs multiple organizations including The John Maxwell Company, The John Maxwell Team, John C Maxwell Leadership Foundation and his nonprofit called Equip. His books and training have been read by presidents and business leaders alike. He has trained millions of leaders from every nation and multiple organizations. This conversation is about his books, his writing method, his views on personal development and so much more. His passion is contagious in this great interview.


Show Highlights

[02:55] My brother is in the rock and roll band Needtobreathe. He was playing Chick-fil-A Leadercast and I attended. This was my first conference, and I met two people, John Maxwell and Jack Welch.

[03:50] This event was like a life-altering moment for me. The whole thing has now come full circle.

[05:31] John C. Maxwell has written 83 books. When he started he felt he wasn’t that good. His mentor told him he could influence people with books, and he became an author. 

[07:32] His first book was only a hundred pages, and yet it took a year to write. 

[09:30] It took seven books before John really got the hang of writing. 

[10:51] It’s okay if you’re not very good when you first start out. You can get help and improve.

[13:45] The Secret Sauce in writing and speaking is your own personal development and growth.

[14:55] The more you know. The more you don’t know.

[15:45] He has an extensive filing system, so he doesn’t lose any of the golden nuggets he’s discovered.

[18:05] John gets up around 5 a.m. and starts writing immediately. Anticipation is his motivation.

[22:58] When you get really good everything compounds. If you’re going to quit, do it at the beginning.

[25:35] John’s writing process is strategic. He has a system. His five essentials are know what you want to accomplish, have the right tool, take action, stay focused, and be consistent. 

[28:38] His five essentials for writing every day include reading, filing, thinking, asking questions, and writing.

[35:33] John shares his top selling books. He has 11 books that have sold over a million copies. The number one is The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You.

[39:03] He believes his leadership books sell so well, because he’s known for leadership.

[44:10] Publishers have great strengths and weaknesses. They publish, but they don’t really sell the books. 

[46:16] John speaks to a million people a year which helps move a lot of books. Their launches are a combination of things beginning with getting a team together to brainstorm. 

[48:49] They’ll often use their advance from the publisher to fund their marketing efforts. They use things like videos and a launch team. They also use book clubs and pre launch efforts.

[51:42] John started as a speaker. He then began writing. Coaching came last. The different assets create an upward spiral and distribution channel. 

[56:35] Parting advice: write books to add value to people. Keep learning and growing. 


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