SPS 047: Faith-Based Book Market- Selling Your Book Without Selling Out with Lindsey Hartz

AuthorSPS 047: Faith-Based Book Market- Selling Your Book Without Selling Out with Lindsey Hartz

SPS 047: Faith-Based Book Market- Selling Your Book Without Selling Out with Lindsey Hartz

Lindsey Hearts creates and implements campaigns for new book releases as well as ongoing communications and marketing strategies for authors. Her extensive experience in corporate marketing, social media strategy helps provide marketing tools to a ministry-focused world. She and I are chatting about faith-based books and faith-based marketing.

When she looks back over the years of her career, she can see how purposeful her path has been to bring her to the present. About 19 years ago, she started her career in the corporate marketing world, working in business management, project management, and marketing for a Fortune 500 company. She loved her job; however, she made the decision to leave her career and stay at home because of personal events. Being in the corporate world was not life-giving to her. Lindsey identifies this time as “having my identity stripped away.”

For the last ten years, she has been seeking out her skills and gifts to ultimately mesh these in a career to honor God, honor family, and staying at home. As a creative, she sees the world through a lens of beauty and creation. Through writing, she was able to tap into wounds and hurt growing up and really find a way for hope, healing, and purpose in those moments for other people.

After reflecting, she pulled all her work off the internet. Instead, she wanted to leave a legacy and to inspire people the hope that she had found. Through this journey, she became connected with online branding, organizations, speakers, and other authors. She noticed that while they were talented writers, they didn’t understand the marketing world.

Listen in to find out why the biggest challenge is to find out how to identify your message, her clients’ biggest struggle, and how she gives her clients a shift in mindset. Learn the first steps she provides to her clients, how to find your audience and how you should market yourself as an author.

Show Notes

  • [02:26] How Lindsey started in self-publishing and book marketing.
  • [04:33] Her personal childhood memories of writing stories. 
  • [06:02] Lindsey started writing with her blog and actively pursued training to become an author.
  • [08:05] Why Lindsey fell into her career and how she reached out to authors.
  • [10:29] What Lindsey’s clients often struggle with in the realm of marketing. 
  • [12:30] Marketing, selling yourself and charging for your work. 
  • [14:53] How Christians perceive others charging money for what should be ministry work.
  • [17:29] Charge what you are worth, if not, you are robbing others of your impact. 
  • [21:37] Finding out what platform is best for you and your message.
  • [23:50] The process Lindsey walks her clients through at her agency. 
  • [26:22] Difference in marketing with different sized followings. 
  • [29:33] What Lindsey loves to do with her authors in her agency.
  • [31:54] Why you should have a laid out marketing plan for your book.
  • [35:36] How she gets her clients books into the hands of people.
  • [38:37] Building an audience with passion.
  • [42:39] How much faith should you weave into your faith-based book?
  • [47:01] Christian-based authors connect with each other.
  • [49:59] The internal struggle of living faith-based and selling your book.

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