SPS 022: Behind the Scenes of Multiple NYT Bestsellers with Daniel Decker

AuthorSPS 022: Behind the Scenes of Multiple NYT Bestsellers with Daniel Decker

SPS 022: Behind the Scenes of Multiple NYT Bestsellers with Daniel Decker

Daniel Decker is the CEO of Higher Level Group and an expert at platform development, book launching, and marketing for authors and speakers. He has worked with such notable authors as Jon Gordon, Michael Hyatt, Ryan Blair, Mark Sanborn, Crystal Paine, Allison Pataki, and Tony Robbins to name a few. If you haven’t heard of him, you have probably heard of one of the books he has helped launch.

We talk about his first book marketing venture, and how he crushed it and moved on to creating even bigger launches and platforms. We also talk about the importance of having a team, and how self-publishers still need to get out there and hustle on their own. Daniel shares the importance of offering something of value when trying to find promotion opportunities. He also shares his past successes and lessons learned along the way. He talks about platform building for speakers and authors and more.


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Show Notes

[02:10] How Daniel got started on the book side of things. He had an ad agency. His friend, Jon Gordon, wrote a book and they crushed it on marketing.

[06:25] Jon had a 4-week Today Show segment with ways to get your energy up. Taking it national worked.[07:12] How Daniel focuses on relationship capital and adding value. He presented already researched ideas to producers which would help the producer as well as themselves for promotion purposes.

[12:52] If Daniel can help better the world and feed his family it is a win win.

[13:33] Daniel gets enough business by referral that he doesn’t really have to market his services.

[14:31] On the first launch the combination of everything was the key, but being on The Today Show really helped. They also ran a Dr. Weil ad.

[17:44] Being a giver and meeting Michael Hyatt through his blog. He offered to add value to Michael’s platform and proved that his ideas were good.

[19:03] The importance of leverage and having a special landing page instead of an AWeber form.

[24:00] Daniel takes every client as an individual and what their goals are before creating and condensing the campaign.

[25:38] How it’s harder for self-published authors to get on the New York Times list. Presales are important and distributing sales among retailers.

[26:54] Having a 50/50 strategy between pre-sales and launch marketing.

[27:39] Getting strategic with launches including using free books on the back-end.

[28:59] How the NYT list is not only based on volume. They are subjective.

[33:33] Methods for incentivizing offers and growing a mailing list. Using things an audience will perceive as value.

[34:33] How people tend to devalue their offers and how it is surprising how well it does.[34:53] The importance of having a launch team.

[36:06] How people want to help other people succeed and help spread the message.

[36:40] Always offer something of value when you reach out.

[38:22] Having a launch team with a thousand people. Usually, 60 to 70 percent participate. How creating a launch team is not shooting yourself in the foot.

[40:02] Nurturing a launch team and asking for support and creating a net gain of book sales.

[41:16] Not burning people out by communicating only things that need to be communicated.

[42:18] Remembering that people are people and use your launch team strategically and be sure to engage with them.

[45:50] Asking a launch team to read and critique the book. Asking for reviews and to buy a copy. Taking the team on the journey with you.

[50:29] Partnering with charities and nonprofits as an incentive to get views etc.

[53:01] Long tail promotion strategies include defining who you want to be and where you want to go. Do you want to monetize the book or promote your core product?

[56:19] Having your book sales tracked by BookScan and metrics that publishers use to track sales.

[01:01:19] Daniels plan for using a publisher for his first book and self-publishing for his second book.

[01:05:08] Parting advice is to find a publishing plan and then act on it.


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Daniel Decker

Higher Level Group

Daniel on Twitter @DanielDecker

Daniel on LinkedIn

Daniel on Instagram

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