SPA Girls Podcast – EP347 – The Power Of Writing Sprints

Are you struggling to get your words down each day? Why not give writing sprints a try? You can do them alone, however, you might find they work better with others like we did.

How it works:

Find a friend or a group and set aside a certain amount of time. Now break this into doable time slots. For example, if you had two hours, then the time could be 4 slots of 30 mins, or 2 times 1 hour each, or 8 times 15mins. Or any number that suits the majority. Sometimes it’s better to start small. It’s also a good idea to allocate time for a break at some stage.

The SPA Girls will chat for a while, do a couple of sprints, then have a bathroom break. We have coffee or lunch if we’re together, otherwise it’s straight back into it.

Listen to the podcast for more tips regarding:

  • training yourself
  • how to set up a sprint group
  • the power of structure
  • what length of sprint?
  • top of the hour sprints
  • tracking

Resources mentioned:

Ines Johnson with the SPA Girls –

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