SPA Girls Podcast – EP315 – Interview with Theodora Taylor

AuthorSPA Girls Podcast – EP315 – Interview with Theodora Taylor

SPA Girls Podcast – EP315 – Interview with Theodora Taylor

After logging time as a music journalist, playwright, and radio writer, Theodora Taylor fell in love with penning hot books with heart. Since deciding to become an author, she’s published 54 books in a range of genres—but with one thing in common—universal fantasies.

When not thinking of ways to write and sell even more hot books with heart, she enjoys spending time with her amazing family, going on date nights with her wonderful husband, learning German, watching ALL the Shonda Rhimes shows ever, and attending parties thrown by others.

She’s here to talk about universal fantasies with us today—what they are, and how you can use them to get your books on the bestseller lists!

Some examples of universal fantasies 

•Banging the beast

•Hot guy likes the geeky girl

•Makeover scene

•Love triangles

•Not just any gift – the right gift

•Wounded main character in need of love

•Fixer upper

Listen to What makes Universal Fantasies so powerful for authors and why readers love them so much.

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