SPA Girls Podcast – EP266 – Nail Your Keywords With Dave Chesson

AuthorSPA Girls Podcast – EP266 – Nail Your Keywords With Dave Chesson

SPA Girls Podcast – EP266 – Nail Your Keywords With Dave Chesson

Why does Amazon choose someone else’s book over yours in a search? How do we make sure we’re using the best keywords for sales? What exactly is a keyword, anyway? We have all these answers and more for you in this info-packed episode! 

We’re joined again by the awesome and knowledgeable Dave Chesson, Founder and CEO of Publisher Rocket and Kindlepreneur. Dave breaks down all the best practices for getting the right keywords to deliver your book to the right readers, every time. 

About Dave Chesson

A former Navy engineer and super-passionate online marketing and SEO geek, Dave Chesson is the creator of, a blog and website which specializes in demystifying the Kindle ebook marketing for authors. And because he couldn’t just stop there, he’s also the creator of the even more helpful Publisher Rocket, a program that helps authors do market research as well as figure out their keywords and categories.

Over his career he has created multiple consistently bestselling books that generate income from all sorts of sources and not just Amazon. He uses those books to test his tactics, and then share them with his community on the Kindlepreneur blog.

Even Amazon KDP acknowledges Kindlepreneur as one of the best by telling users to “Gain insight from Kindlepreneur on how you can optimize marketing for your books.” Having worked with such authors as Orson Scott Card, Ted Dekker and more, his tactics help both Fiction and Nonfiction authors of all levels get their books discovered by the right readers.

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