SPA Girls Podcast – EP169 – 5 Goals You Need To Make In 2019

Goals! We’re all so excited about them at the beginning of January, and then we feel them like chains around our necks by the end of the month. (Well, here in the SPA we do. Maybe you’re able to make it into February without feeling like you’re never going to make them work…hehe)

What we’ve decided is that instead of overwhelming yourself with ALL THE GOALS, if you set one goal in these five areas, for a shorter period of time (we’re suggesting 12 weeks) then you’re more likely to make them happen.

We go through the five areas, and talk about the goals that we’re setting in each, and give suggestions of goals that you could set as well.

This is another information packed episode that will help you set some relevant goals that are going to help you move forward in 2019.


Quote from the 12 week year by Bryan Moran “Identify the “Keystone” Action and Focus on It. Once you have an intense desire to accomplish something, you then need to identify the core actions that will produce the result you’re after. Often you can come up with a laundry list of things that you could do, but that just leads to diffusion and discouragement. In most cases there are a few core activities that account for the majority of the result, and in some cases, there is one, perhaps two, primary activities that ultimately produce the result. It is critical that you identify the one or two “Keystone” actions and focus on them.”

What we’re trying to do is (whether over a year or a quarter (ie 12 weeks) is give you five areas to set a goal in, that will serve your long term growth as an author.

This was inspired in part by our podcast with author Kelly St Clare (Podcast #163) who sets ONE craft goal per manuscript she’s working on, rather than trying to fix “All The Things.”

Remember a goal needs a specific timeframe.

You also need to review your goals as you go through the specified timeframe to make sure you’re doing what needs to be done to hit the goal at the end. If you’re not achieving it, look at why, and try to make changes so that you will make the goal.

Craft: (in the next book)

One goal per book for a craft skill that you’re working on.

Sharyn: Learn correct comma usage

Trudi: Do better at characterisation.

Cheryl: Being more descriptive.

Other ideas for craft goals: 

  • Work on dialogue
  • Work on your sentence structure
  • Work on eradicating the passive voice in your writing
  • Introduce core elements early (setting, conflict, major characters, motivations etc)

Social Media: (To work on in Q1)

One aspect of SM that you’re going to work on.

Cher: Learn more about Facebook ads

Shar: Grow SPA Girls FB likes by 100 peeps, organically.

Trudi: Get more interactive in FB posts. At least 1 interactive post a week.

Other ideas for social media goals: 

  • Learn a new platform (but research the right one for your genre)
  • Create a post schedule and post daily – eg. #MondayMusings #TuesdayTunes #WednesdayExcerpt #ThursdayThrowback #FridayFunFact #SaturdaySilly #SundayBookRec

Marketing: (Work on in Q1)

One aspect of marketing to work on in first quarter.

Shar: Nail Book Bub Ads.

Cheryl: Get the open rates/clicks up on my newsletter.

Trudi: AMS UK ads – sign on and do them.

Other ideas for marketing goals: 

  • Learn facebook ads – create five new ones each month
  • Work on sending your email newsletter sign ups content that will have them opening every email from you! Short stories, deleted scenes etc.
  • Amp up your blurbs
  • Read more about copywriting
  • Write some short stories and other content for your newsletter and other marketing content

Productivity (Work on in Q1)

One thing to amp up your productivity in the next quarter.

Shar: Write 5000 per week on new manuscript. Set aside an hour a day for writing.

Cher: Get up earlier, and work without social media distractions.

Trudi: Lynn Johnston trick – write down everything you do.

Other ideas for productivity goals: 

  • Spend time learning dictation
  • Work out the word count of your next book, and when it needs to be finished by, then work out how many words you need to write each day and set as a daily goal
  • Try changing where you write if you are struggling to get the words down. Cafes, or writing in a group situation.

Well Being (One per month)

One new habit per month.

Cher: New exercise regime – Pilates

Shar: Listening to headspace

Trudi: Start doing 10,000 steps every day. Get out in the garden.

Other ideas for goals: 

  • Set timer on phone and spend ten minutes stretching every day at 2pm.
  • Set a timer on your phone and go for a walk every hour for five-ten minutes.
  • Drink more water every day

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