How to Recharge Your Creative Batteries with Bestselling Author Kim Petersen: Part Two

ProductivityHow to Recharge Your Creative Batteries with Bestselling Author Kim Petersen: Part Two

How to Recharge Your Creative Batteries with Bestselling Author Kim Petersen: Part Two

In Part Two of this file bestselling author, Kim Petersen, returned to talk with me about tactics to tap into age-old wisdom, quiet your inner critic, get back to basics, rediscover your voice, and recharge your creative batteries.

“With how our lifestyles are, and the technology, we seem to have also become more disconnected from ourselves.” – Kim Petersen

The award-winning, USA Today Bestselling, Australian author of fantasy, paranormal, and dystopian fiction, writes The Ascended Angels Chronicles, and co-authors the Stone the Crows series.

Her latest is a foray into non-fiction titled Creative Writing Energy: Tools to Access Your Higher-Creative Mind – co-authored with colleague, romance writer Catherine Evans.

It’s been described as a book “…written for creatives about developing pathways to access the higher-creative mind…alternative ways…” and tools for unlocking your creativity.

Before you dismiss this episode as a little “woo-woo,” I assure you that we dig into the reasons behind the current shift for creatives toward alternative ways of thinking, New Age modalities, and a generation of writers looking to tune-out the noise and live more authentically.

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In Part Two of this file Kim Petersen and I discussed:

  • Why writers are the bedrock of the long-standing tradition of making meaning of the world
  • How the author incorporates divination into her storytelling process
  • Why prolific writers throughout history have used tools for jumpstarting their creativity
  • How ancient, esoteric practices can unplug your inner critic, FOMO, and beat “resistance”
  • Why getting back in touch with your voice is so important
  • And how to conjure your inner child (no, not by jumping off the garage Kim, lol)

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