How to Get Unstuck and Back to Writing with Bestselling Author Jennifer Louden: Part One

Bestselling author and creativity coach, Jennifer Louden, dropped by this week to talk with me about her twisty career path, the wicked feedback loop of procrastination, how to find your voice, and solutions for getting unstuck and back to writing.

“Claim your voice. Share your voice. Get your scary sh*t done.” – Jennifer Louden

Jennifer has been a professional writer since the early ’90s and is considered a personal growth pioneer. Her first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book, was the bestseller that launched her career and she’s since published six additional books with over a million copies in print in nine languages.

The author is also an international speaker and educator on the subject of self-care and has written a column for Martha Stewart magazine, been quoted by author Brene Brown in not one but two of her books, been profiled in dozens of major magazines, and appeared on hundreds of TV and radio programs including Oprah.

In addition to writing books Jennifer is also an entrepreneur who teaches writing and self-care retreats that regularly sell out.

She has created a large online community that touts, “Whether you’re a novelist, essayist … artist or thought leader, [her] mission is to help you write more, share your ideas more boldly, and make your creative work a priority.”

This episode of The Writer Files is brought to you by the team at Author Accelerator. Author Accelerator book coaches give writers feedback, accountability, and support while you write, so you can get that your idea out of your head and onto the page.

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In Part One of this file Jennifer Louden and I discussed:

  • How a struggling dyslexic screenwriter became a bestselling author
  • The reasons writers might fall out of love and then back in love with their writing
  • How to get unstuck by pulling back the curtain on your brain’s weaknesses
  • Why Jennifer brings compassion and cognitive awareness to jump-starting creativity
  • How finding the “why” for your writing can reignite your spark
  • Why technical writing hacks won’t solve the deeper issues of why you’re not writing

Show Notes:

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