How to Design Your Book Cover with Designer & Author Erin Tyler

ProductivityHow to Design Your Book Cover with Designer & Author Erin Tyler

How to Design Your Book Cover with Designer & Author Erin Tyler


Celebrated designer, Creative Director of Scribe Media, and author, Erin Tyler, spoke with me about how she overcame childhood trauma to become one of the industry’s best book cover designers, why this is such an important time in publishing, and book cover fails to avoid.

“My relationship with writing is a private one. It’s just something that I do every day. It’s almost religious for me. Some people meditate or do yoga. I write.” — Erin Tyler

Over her 20-year career, Erin has designed book covers for multiple New York Times bestselling authors including James Altucher, Ryan Holiday, David Goggins, and Tucker Max.

As Creative Director of Scribe Media she helps manage and support “…the best book cover designers in the game … to create unforgettable covers for authors.”

Erin recently illustrated and published her own memoir – The Bad One: A Memoir About Growing Up a Goat (short for scapegoat) – the story of her traumatic childhood.

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Please help us learn more about you by completing this short 7-question survey If you’re a fan of The Writer Files, please click subscribe to automatically see new interviews. In this file Erin Tyler and I discussed:

  • Her cathartic journey from designer to author
  • The glut of creative tools now available to authors
  • Why competitive title research is so crucial to the look of your book
  • The “visual math and emotional haiku” that go into a great cover
  • Recent industry trends that get under her skin
  • And why you should feel free to overcommunicate (but not micromanage) with your book cover designer

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