How International Bestselling Crime Novelist Adam Croft Writes: Part Two

ProductivityHow International Bestselling Crime Novelist Adam Croft Writes: Part Two

How International Bestselling Crime Novelist Adam Croft Writes: Part Two

In Part Two of this file the international bestselling hybrid author and crime novelist, Adam Croft, returned to chat with me from overseas about the processes, productivity hacks, and professionalism that have helped him become one of the most successful independently published authors in the world, and why writers need to develop a business mindset to do the same.

“Writing more books is going to earn you more money, and that should always be your priority.” – Adam Croft

Adam’s previous career was as a freelance designer and editor, but his hard work and persistence over ten years have helped him become one of the biggest selling authors of the last decade.

How did Adam go on to sell close to two million books in over 120 countries in such a short time?

We’ll dig into his inspiring story, including the stories behind his breakthrough worldwide bestseller Her Last Tomorrow, and his crime thriller Knight & Culverhouse series, which knocked J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child off the top spot in Canada only weeks after Her Last Tomorrow was also #1 in the same country.

His multiple bestsellers have also made him an authority on indie publishing, and he’s been featured on BBC television, BBC Radio, the BBC World Service, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Bookseller and many other media outlets.

Adam now shares his unique expertise of the craft at The Indie Author Mindset where he offers to help “… authors cut through the overwhelming — and often conflicting — information that’s out there [with] solid help and information.”

And Adam was kind enough to drop some of that wisdom here for you today, so I’ll tease the promo code I’ve also put in the show notes – WRITERFILES – for a 50% discount on every course at The Indie Author Mindset just for listeners of this show. Simply go to and pop that in there.

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In Part Two of this file Adam Croft and I discussed:

  • Why the author doesn’t sit still or look back
  • The uphill battle ahead for aspiring indie authors
  • How Adam stays organized and energized as an author slash entrepreneur
  • The productivity hacks that help him stay prolific
  • Why writers need to treat their craft with the respect it deserves
  • And cutting through the bullsh*t of self-publishing

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