Guru Singh: Buried Treasures Revealed

AuthorGuru Singh: Buried Treasures Revealed

Guru Singh: Buried Treasures Revealed

Linda Sivertsen interviews her longtime friend Guru Singh—a third-generation yogi, spiritual leader, and author—for one of her most powerful conversations yet. Named “Best Guru in L.A.” by Los Angeles magazine in the early 90s (that claimed Guru's yoga classes were so popular, attendees had to levitate for space), Linda made an appointment to see what all the hype was about. What she found was positively addictive.For decades, people of all faiths have flocked to this minister of Sikh Dharma because, as you’ll see, his unique and profound take on the world is spellbinding. We also can’t say enough about Guru's memoir, BURIED TREASURES: The Journey From Where You Are To Who You Are, a book that takes you through a most mystical of hero’s journeys.About this episode! Guru Singh is epic, and we need epic right about now. We promise you’ve never heard insights like the ones you’re about to discover… crazy-cool strategies on bringing through your most inspired writing; cutting-edge wisdom on what the heck is going on with our planet (and between the sexes!), and the enormous benefits of sitting in the lap of your creator and whispering in its ear, to name a few. It’s long. Our longest episode yet. And we’re guessing you may just wish he’d gone on even longer:).Guru has requested we tape today’s show without a co-host, to make the chat a little more intimate. Get your pen and papers ready, if you’re not driving. Because your mind is about to be blown.To learn more about Guru, go to And, to take your writing dreams from Idea to Done, we’ll see you over at:

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