Ep 184: [Interview] Jennifer Dukes Lee – Author, Acquisitions Editor

WritingEp 184: [Interview] Jennifer Dukes Lee – Author, Acquisitions Editor

Ep 184: [Interview] Jennifer Dukes Lee – Author, Acquisitions Editor

When Author and Acquisitions Editor Jennifer Dukes Lee was in town for an event, we met up and discussed challenges that writers—especially nonfiction authors—face as they try to land a traditional book contract. Jennifer generously provides us with behind-the-scenes insight and solid action steps we can take today.

She offers hope, too, that one doesn’t necessarily have to boast a giant platform to find a publisher.

You can hear us fine, but the sound quality is a little ethereal. Once your ear adjusts, I think you’ll be fine—perhaps imagine us in some fantastical location.

And you’ll love meeting Jennifer. Here’s a taste of her encouraging input:
“All books are picked for at least two of the following reasons: large platform, great idea, and fantastic writing.”
“[T]here are first-time authors with small platforms that are still getting published, and I know it because I was one of them.”
“I think if this is really something that is in your heart and it is burning inside of you, there’s really no stopping that. I think you just have to give it time to catch.”
Enjoy listening as we chat about her new role in the publishing world that has allowed her to sit on both sides of the table, as it were.

Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of Love Idol, The Happiness Dare, and her latest book released in 2018, It’s All Under Control.


Website: jenniferdukeslee.com
Facebook: @JenniferDukesLee
Instagram:  @dukeslee
Twitter: @dukeslee
It’s All Under Control (Amazon affiliate link)
It’s All Under Control – Companion Bible Study (Amazon affiliate link)
The Happiness Dare: Pursuing Your Heart’s Deepest, Holiest, and Most Vulnerable Desire (Amazon affiliate link)
Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval and Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes (Amazon affiliate link)
Hear Jennifer read chapter one of It’s All Under Control: https://jenniferdukeslee.com/itsallundercontrol/
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