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Welcome to BookBanter!

This is a community book review site for self-published and indie books! If you’re an author or a book reviewer, make sure you sign up for an account so you can post your own book reviews and get some FREE visibility and exposure.

What kind of books do we review?

BookBanter is a unique book review service in that we allow guest users to register and post their own book reviews. So while we don’t have a dedicated reading staff to accept submissions, your niece, neighbor or nemesis can create an account and review your book for you.

Won’t this lead to biased reviews?

Yes! But I’ll tell you a secret: it’s really hard to get reviews, and Amazon is deliberately deleting and removing reviewers with ANY point of contact with the author (even if they’ve only communicated online and sometimes not even that!). Reviews are important, and it totally makes sense that people who know you are more likely to hear about and read your book, right? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to post reviews!


But what about quality control?

I’ll be honest, we don’t have time to personally screen every book that’s published to our website. But we DO believe every book deserves a little free publicity. Every book deserves a chance to be seen, and stand out from the millions of others on the internet. In our small way, we like to think we’re doing our part by allowing all projects a little sliver of spotlight – even the weird, unusual, or budget books that couldn’t afford professional book design.

So do¬† a little digging in the genre and topic categories, and see if you can find something that looks interesting. Maybe you’ll be the one to discover a diamond in the rough.


Melissa Bookowksi reads over a million pages a year, and loves supporting indie authors!

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