Bonus: Conquering the Writing Blues Summit Interview with Dr. Susan Hickman

WritingBonus: Conquering the Writing Blues Summit Interview with Dr. Susan Hickman

Bonus: Conquering the Writing Blues Summit Interview with Dr. Susan Hickman

In today's extra special bonus episode, I'm sharing my interview with Dr. Susan Hickman from the Conquering the Writing Blues Summit I took part in earlier this year. Here's a quick preview of what's included:

[02:50] What does a developmental editor do? Plus how and why I became a developmental editor and book coach. 
[06:25] My take on plotting versus pantsing — is one of them the “right way” to write?
[10:00] What does a book coach do? Plus, why book coaching is having a “moment” with the increase in self-publishing.
[12:45] Why don’t more writers choose to work with book coaches or editors?
[15:35] How to stay motivated (aka how keeping the impact that your story will have on others in mind can help fuel your writing).
[19:10] The two main areas where writers go wrong (and what to do instead).
[20:30] How I help writers who are overwhelmed and confused with all the plotting methods out there. What do you do first, second, and third?
[23:45] Why the belief that “you either have what it takes or you don’t” is not true. Plus, why there’s room for every style of writing — each style has value and will resonate with a particular group of people.
[27:25] What to do when you get bogged down in perfectionism. Plus, 5 questions to ask yourself about your story to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

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