Bonus: Ask Savannah (Listener Q&A)

WritingBonus: Ask Savannah (Listener Q&A)

Bonus: Ask Savannah (Listener Q&A)

In today's extra special bonus episode, I'm going to answer some questions from you guys! Here's a quick overview of what we talk about in this episode:

[01:30] Joe Larkin asks, “Do you have a general rule of thumb for how long a scene should be?”
[02:45] Margo Geary asks, “Your job sounds really awesome! How do you become an editor or book coach?”
[04:45] Julia Pentrose asks, “I get why info-dumping isn't a good idea, but how do you get your character's backstory or worldbuilding details in your story without info-dumping? Isn't that stuff important to show the reader?”
[08:15] Karen Stroud asks, “I've heard that head-hopping is bad, but can you explain what head-hopping is and why exactly is it bad?”
[12:00] James K. asks, “I read your blog post on creating an Ideal Reader Profile for your story and I have a question. What happens if you end up with an unplanned subplot or if your story takes a dif turn than what you were planning and you realize now that your ideal reader doesn't align with the direction your story has taken?”

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