88: EP88: Unbound and The End of Magic

Writing88: EP88: Unbound and The End of Magic

88: EP88: Unbound and The End of Magic

Mr. Stay has a new book coming! And it’s being published by Unbound Books who use a crowdfunding model. We discuss how it all works and how you, dear listener, can get involved at https://unbound.com/books/end-of-magic/   In this episode you will discover…

  • How crowdfunding works in publishing
  • Strategies for effective crowdfunding
  • The discount code exclusive to our listeners
  • And updates from our listeners, including one who has just secured a book deal with a major publisher!

To hear more of this episode in our deep dive, check out patreon.com/bestsellerexperiment

Our novel Back To Reality is out now bestsellerexperiment.com/backtoreality

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