78: [ISBW] Acceptance

Writing78: [ISBW] Acceptance

78: [ISBW] Acceptance


  • NaNo Day 16: word count should be near 26,667 words
  • Bug bites in the middle of the night are creepy, no matter what the bug is
  • NaNo wordcounts from chat: progress not perfection

What I’m Working On

  • Stardew Valley Psychological Thriller Working Title: Nitro Infused Cold Brew

Good News Good News

  • The zombie bite on Mur’s face is not causing rot. Yay. (Note, doctor input has declared spider bite a case of shingles. Which always made me think that people’s skin got all rough and layered like shingles–or like dragon scales. I am not a dragon.)

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Main Topic

  • Acceptance: there’s only so much one can do
  • Christmas Romances are an awesome weakness
  • Podcast: Deck the Hallmark does heavy lifting, but there’s no Christmas novels podcast coming
  • (is pity Twitch watching really a thing?)
  • The Christmas Romance Movie Tropes Bingo Cards
  •  Options to try when your NaNo gets stalled


Twitch schedule for week of Nov 22

  • Tues: 3pm- I Should Be Writing Ep. 80
  • Wed: 3pm- I Should Be Writing Ep. 81(taking Thursday off)

November 16, 2021 | Season 17 Ep 78 (Episode 629) | murverse.com Copyright 2021, Mur Lafferty | BY-NC-SA 3.5 License

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