77: [ISBW] Lock Up Your Ego, Too

Writing77: [ISBW] Lock Up Your Ego, Too

77: [ISBW] Lock Up Your Ego, Too


  • ADHD executive functions and brain fatigue
  • Answering marketing questionnaires is hard

What I’m Working On

  • NaNo wordcount: 13k
  • Freelance projects are cool

Good News Good News

  • The Fonda Lee books giveaway going strong! (Note- I am extending the giveaway through Nov 30 since I posted this so late)
  • Merch: YAY Button at Red Bubble
  • Yes, there are two Merch sites. Double the swag, double the pun potential (Actually one is discounted for Patreon supporters and one is for everyone else.)
  • Hugo Voting is open thru Nov 19th! (out of date)

Main Topic

  • The Supervillain’s Guide to Being a Fat Kid by Matt Wallace
  • Inclusion & representation in writing fiction
  • The Ego and The Editor


Twitch schedule for week of Nov 22

  • Tues: 3pm- I Should Be Writing Ep. 80
  • Wed: 3pm- I Should Be Writing Ep. 81(taking Thursday off)

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