55: [ISBW] Show, Don’t Tell

Writing55: [ISBW] Show, Don’t Tell

55: [ISBW] Show, Don’t Tell

I think I’m slow at these because I hate show notes. Truly. Keeping up with my “flossing” topics- what exactly does “Show, don’t tell” mean? Is there a time when Telling is better than showing?   Twitch schedule for this week:

  • M- 2pm AMA
  • T- 2pm I Should Be Writing
  • W- 11am Ditch Diggers
  • Th- 2pm I Should Be Writing

I will probably play a game or something, but I don’t want to schedule it because it’s low on the priority of all the things I need to get done.   I WILL finish the damn novella this week. Tomorrow, hopefully.

August 17, 2021 | Season 17 Ep 55 (Episode 604) | murverse.com | Copyright 2021, Mur Lafferty | BY-NC-SA 3.5 License

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