48: [ISBW] OP MCs or Mary Sues

Writing48: [ISBW] OP MCs or Mary Sues

48: [ISBW] OP MCs or Mary Sues

Bypassing the fact that a lot of people think that competent women are Mary Sues, we talk about what happens when your characters ARE overpowered, and how to handle their conflicts. 

Twitch schedule for week of July 19-24:

  • M. CANCELED (because look at Tuesday!)
  • T. 1pm Ditch Diggers with Alasdair Stuart
  • T. 3pm ISBW with Tobias Buckell
  • T. (evening TBD) with MATT F’N WALLACE to celebrate the launch of SAVAGE BOUNTY
  • W. 4pm Gaming
  • Th. 1pm ISBW

I’m also planning a birthday stream, but I don’t have a lot of details yet, so stay tuned!

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