43: 10 Tips for Writing Better Scenes

In today's episode, I'm sharing my top ten tips for writing better scenes. Here's a preview of what's included:

[01:45] Tip #1: Stick to one point-of-view character per scene. This will help you avoid head-hopping and getting off track.
[02:45] Tip #2: Establish where and when each scene is taking place as soon as possible. Especially, if things have changed since the last scene.
[03:50] Tip #3: Give your point-of-view character a specific (and meaningful) goal in each scene. What do they want? Why do they want it?
[05:30] Tip #4: Make sure each scene contains a mini-arc of change. These mini-arcs of change will add up to create your story's overarching arc.
[06:45] Tip #5: Give your point-of-view character agency in each scene. Let them make decisions and take actions that move the story forward.
[08:15] Tip #6: Show readers what your point-of-view character is thinking and feeling throughout the scene. Let readers inside your character's head!
[09:15] Tip #7: Try to advance at least one subplot per scene. This will keep things interesting for readers and help you write a cohesive story.
[10:45] Tip #8: Use the “story present” to trigger any backstory, exposition, or worldbuilding details. Don't build whole scenes just for the sake of delivering information.
[12:00] Tip #9: Only include dialogue that's relevant to what's happening in the scene. If it's not relevant, you probably don't need it. It's that simple!
[12:30] Tip #10: Make sure each of your scenes contributes to the global story both externally (the plot) and internally (your character's arc).
[14:30] Key points and episode recap.

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