37: [ISBW] ADHD Revisited

Writing37: [ISBW] ADHD Revisited

37: [ISBW] ADHD Revisited

I’m reading The Disorganized Mind and trying to think of some new ways to deal with ADHD and how it affects my writing.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about my stream, and how the Monday AMA is not really doing much AMA. I’m going to be raising money for Extra Life, and I need to get some Patreon writing done, so I decided to do it live. Nothing should go wrong, right? Come on by and help me make decisions!

Also I’m getting too much into the habit of not eating lunch when I have a 1230 stream so I’m moving those to 1pm so I can be better nourished. 

June 7-12: Latest Twitch stream times (EDT) — please note new times in bold:

  • 6.7 (M) 1:00, Live Writing for Extra Life, Audience Participation  
  • 6.8 (T) 11:00, Ditch Diggers with Alasdair Stuart
  • 6.8 (T) 3:00, I Should Be Writing Live
  • 6.9 (W) 4:00, Stardew Valley
  • 6.10 (Th) 1:00, I Should Be Writing Live

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