360: Unpacking Memories for a Memoir— Interview with Jas Rawlinson

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Jas Rawlinson.

Jas is a best-selling author, book coach, and resilience speaker who specialises in stories that change lives. Growing up in a small country town, Jas first fell in love with the power of literature as a young girl, and would often disappear into the world of writing to escape from the family violence in her home. It was here that she made a promise to one day find a way to support other survivors and victims of domestic violence; and in 2016, she fulfilled that promise by co-founding Brisbane’s first permanent domestic violence memorial.

Endorsed by names like Kevin Hines and Lifeline, Jas has been featured across major media outlets including ABC and Authority Magazine, and in 2021, was named as one of Yahoo Finance’s top 10 book coaches to watch. She believes that everyone has a story with the power to inspire, impact, and change lives.


In this episode Jas and I discuss:

  • Why good storytelling is so important to successfully conveying your message.
  • Common misconceptions about memoir and create a shared vocabulary.
  • Her advice for writing about difficult memories and the importance of self-care.


Plus, her #1 tip for writers.

Type For more info and show notes: www.diymfa.com/360

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