264: Story Tropes: Building Blocks of Scenes

What are Tropes and how can they actually help your writing?

Tropes are a toolbox of common components to build a certain kind of story. You can put these building blocks together to create a story that meets the reader expectations for your particular GENRE.

Most lists of tropes are a grab bag of story types and/or their components and aspects. They don’t fit together, so they don’t provide a process for consistently crafting scenes and stories that satisfy readers.

In the Story Grid Universe, we provide this process by limiting the definition of a trope to a particular level of Story. Story Grid tropes are small story units that are the building blocks writers need to create the arc of change within scenes.

In this episode, we start working through the Tropes for the short story EYE WITNESS by Ed McBain (https://amzn.to/3Q2UpqV).

To download the Trope Breakdown, visit: https://storygrid.com/episode-264

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This is Episode 264 of the Story Grid Podcast: https://storygrid.com/podcast

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