23: The 6 Scenes Every Romance Novel Needs

Writing23: The 6 Scenes Every Romance Novel Needs

23: The 6 Scenes Every Romance Novel Needs

In today's episode, we're going to talk about the key scenes that every romance novel needs to have in order to work and to satisfy fans of the genre. Here's a preview of what's included:

[01:45] Romance novels center around two individuals falling in love despite the odds, despite the risks, and despite the opposing forces in their life. These stories usually end in “happily ever after,” or at the very least, “happily for now.”
[02:15] Readers choose romance novels because they want to experience all the butterflies and excitement of falling in love without the risks. They want to see love win.
[03:00] Obligatory scenes are the key events, decisions, and discoveries that move a protagonist along their journey from point A to point B. They help us writers craft a story that works AND a story that will deliver a specific emotional experience.
[04:30] Key scene #1: A scene where your characters meet or first appear on the page together. This is the global inciting incident of your story.
[05:20] Key scene #2: A scene where your characters share their first kiss or their first intimate moment. The specifics of this scene will depend on the heat level of your story.
[06:25] Key scene #3: A scene where one character confesses their feelings for the other character. It's now clear that things are no longer platonic for at least one character.
[07:45] Key scene #4: A scene where your characters break up or separate temporarily so that they can go off and learn the lesson of the story.
[09:25] Key scene #5: A scene where one or both of your characters proves their love by sacrificing something for the other character.
[11:25] Key scene #6: A scene where the lovers reunite and come back together. Plus, a glimpse at what “happily ever after” looks like.
[12:55] Key points and episode recap.

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