216: Perfect Your Plot Twists – Interview with Steven James

Creative216: Perfect Your Plot Twists – Interview with Steven James

216: Perfect Your Plot Twists – Interview with Steven James

Hey there word nerds!

Today I am so excited to have Steven James on the show!

Steve is the bestselling, critically acclaimed author of sixteen novels. Best known for his psychological thrillers, he has received more than a dozen honors and awards for his books, including 3 Christy Awards and being nominated as a finalist for an International Thriller Award.He is also the author of the groundbreaking book on the craft of fiction, Story Trumps Structure: How to Write Unforgettable Fiction by Breaking the Rules, which won a 2015 Storytelling World Award. He also hosts the podcast “The Story Blender,” where he interviews great storytellers from the world of cinema, oral performance, and writing about the craft of great storytelling (and where I’ve had the honor of being a guest!).

Steve’s most recent novel, Every Wicked Man, is another exhilarating installment of the Bowers Files featuring his iconic character FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers. I have to admit, this book kind of scared the living daylights out of me and had me frantically turning the virtual pages on my Kindle.

Listen in as we chat about this awesome suspense-filled story, and how to craft a novel that will keep your readers guessing until the very end.

In this episode Steven and I discuss:

  • How to craft a dynamic relationship over the course of a series.
  • Four questions to ask yourself to help shape your story.
  • Why you shouldn’t plan out surprising twists before hand.
  • Breaking down the four elements of the perfect plot twist.
  • How to pivot your story to give readers what they want or something even better.

Plus, Steven’s #1 tip for writers.

For more info and show notes: DIYMFA.com/216

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