211: BM211: How To Be Better At What You Do

Author211: BM211: How To Be Better At What You Do

211: BM211: How To Be Better At What You Do

What does it really take to be better at what you do? Listen as “teach better” expert, Jeff Gargas, shares his poignant strategies to better yourself every day to increase your success.

In this week’s powerful podcast episode “How To Be Better At What You Do” you will discover …

  • How being better affects every facet of your life
  • How the “imposter syndrome” can stand in your way of marketing your book
  • What helps you get over the hump of your fears, self-doubt, and judgment with your book marketing
  • Specific strategies Jeff uses to successfully market his book (you can use these too!)
  • Why giving your information away for free is a potent marketing strategy
  • What people are really buying when they purchase your book
  • The essential ingredient you need before creating new products and/or services
  • And a whole lot more…

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