206: BM206: How To Stay Relevant In a Chaotic World

Author206: BM206: How To Stay Relevant In a Chaotic World

206: BM206: How To Stay Relevant In a Chaotic World

To stay relevant you must know where you are now and where you need to be in the future, according to direct sales and leadership expert, Scott Scantlin. Listen as he reveals how to do that in a new and chaotic world.

In this week’s powerful podcast episode you will discover …

  • How to understand the exact meaning of the relevance gap and how it affects you
  • What non-fiction authors need to do to stay relevant in this fast-changing world
  • The role your mindset plays in staying relevant
  • How to overcome complacency when it rears its ugly head
  • How to get past overwhelm so you can rediscover your inherent potential and motivators that drive you
  • The #1 thing we should do to adapt
  • The biggest mistake we make in our fast-changing world without even realizing it 
  • And a whole lot more…

For more information visit https://bookmarketingmentors.com/stay-relevant/

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