185: 185 – Facebook vs Amazon Ads

Creative185: 185 – Facebook vs Amazon Ads

185: 185 – Facebook vs Amazon Ads

I wanted to do a quick post talking about the two big ads platforms most authors use: Facebook and Amazon ads. There are some major differences between them, and it takes some work to figure them out. This is by no means a big overview, but a few key differences as well as some things they have in common. 

A lot of people will debate the merits between one and the other. Usually people don’t champion both, but find one that works for them and then use that. For me, that’s mostly Facebook ads, though I’m starting to see some traction with both.

Key Differences Between Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads Facebook will spend your money. Amazon MIGHT. 

If you give Facebook a budget of $100 a day, Facebook will spend that. If you give Amazon a budget of $100 a day, your ad may or may not get served at all. 

On Facebook, when you say you want them to spend an amount per day, they believe you. Amazon ads are really different in how they’re set up and what that budget means. If you’re setting a higher cost per click on Amazon ads, you might spend that. I know people who set up ads and accidentally put a decimal in the wrong place, spending a LOT of money very quickly. 

Be really careful when you’re setting up BOTH kinds of ads, knowing that you could be really losing a lot of money if you’re treating those daily budgets the same on both platforms. 

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