181: A boundless writing career with Michael Evans

Publishing181: A boundless writing career with Michael Evans

181: A boundless writing career with Michael Evans

Michael Evans is the author of the Control Freakz series, a Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic Thriller series set in a near-future United States. He is currently attending high school in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, but he is originally from Long Island, New York. Some of his hobbies include hiking, running, camping, going to the beach, watching and taking artsy pictures of sunsets (it’s honestly a very enlightening activity to partake in), and walking his ginormous, fluffy golden doodle underneath the stars. He is also fascinated with the environment and neuroscience, and his true passion is learning about how the wonders of the human mind and the environment we live in will change with time. The future, specifically his goal of helping to impact the future of humanity positively is what drives him to tell stories. Writing is something that is instinctive to him, and he seeks to express his thoughts on his own life and the world to inspire others to use the power in the voice they have to advocate for positive changes in their own lives and the world we all live in.

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Website:: https://mevansinked.com

Amazon Author page:: https://www.amazon.com/Michael-Evans/e/B07667KVGJ

Books2Read Author Page:: https://books2read.com/ap/nlpVVn/Michael-Evans

Twitter Handle:: https://twitter.com/mevansinked

Facebook:: https://www.facebook.com/MEvansInked/

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