162. Keep the faith! With Sarah Moorhead

Writing162. Keep the faith! With Sarah Moorhead

162. Keep the faith! With Sarah Moorhead

Yes! The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt is back after a hiatus of about 18 months and it’s a delight to talking to you again. If you haven’t subscribed you can do so at:


My guest for this first episode of the relaunched podcast is the author and teacher Sarah Moorhead. Sarah is every inch the the scouser that she sounds, she’sfunny and honest and determined, all qualities that I think we need to have in big quantities as writers.

In our conversation we talk about keeping the faith in our stories and our voice, asking ourselves the question: who are you as a writer? And nurturing the determination to see a writing project through to the end.

I had a great time talking to Sarah, I hope you will enjoy listening to our conversation, here it is.

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