142: Discover Your Authentic Image – Interview with Kathleen Audet

Creative142: Discover Your Authentic Image – Interview with Kathleen Audet

142: Discover Your Authentic Image – Interview with Kathleen Audet

Hey there word nerds!

Today we’ll be doing something a little bit different on the show. I am so delighted to welcome Kathleen Audet. Kathleen is a brilliant image consultant and is president and owner of Your Authentic Image. She is also a good friend and someone who has helped me turn my own mindset about clothing and image upside down (in a good way). Today we’ll be talking about how to use components of image to make your characters come to life and also help you shift your own mindset and attitude.


In this episode Kathleen and I discuss:

  • Why is what we wear important? If we’re just hiding in our writing cave, why does it matter what we wear?
  • The work you do around choosing your four words, how to do that, and what to do with those words once we have them.
  • Using paint chips to represent different characters. Interestingly enough when you put characters of opposite sides of the color wheel in same scene, that’s usually when tension and conflict happens.
  • Designing your characters visually. Think about what details you can include to make your character pop off the page.
    • Clothing, including accessories.
    • Grooming, including body hygiene, hair, skin, nail care, and makeup.
    • Body language, including figure/body type, posture, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, manners and etiquette.
    • Semiotics and how clothing functions as a system of signs.

Plus, Kathleen’s #1 tip for writers. About Kathleen

Kathleen Audet is president and owner of Your Authentic Image. For more than 20 years she has been studying color, design and image management. Kathleen’s degrees in education and English form the foundation for her insatiable curiosity about people and ability to teach women on a deeply profound level. Having trained on both coasts of the United States, Kathleen’s image and style evaluations are thorough and comprehensive.

Kathleen received image consultant training from the Conselle Institute of Image Management. She is a member of Association of Image Consultants International. She lives northern Nevada and works with clients locally and around the world through her virtual coaching programs.


For more info and show notes: DIYMFA.com/142

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