140: WPC-140 – Archaeological Thrillers or The Importance of Being Ernest Dempsey

Publishing140: WPC-140 – Archaeological Thrillers or The Importance of Being Ernest Dempsey

140: WPC-140 – Archaeological Thrillers or The Importance of Being Ernest Dempsey

USA Today Bestselling action/adventure author Ernest Dempsey writes page-turning archaeological thrillers. Ernest currently splits time in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia. Despite having degrees in Psychology and Counseling, Ernest always enjoyed creating stories, has perpetually been fascinated by the ancient world, and can often be found reading books and watching television shows related to history.

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Website(s): Ernestdempsey.net

Twitter handle(s): @erndempsey

Facebook: Facebook.com/ErnestDempsey

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/edempsey3

Amazon Author page: https://www.amazon.com/Ernest-Dempsey/e/B00AM8UHO4/



Barnes & Noble relaunches NOOK Press — BN thinks the third time’s the charm, as they once again rebrand and relaunch their self-publishing platform. Barnes & Noble: Nook Press has relaunched as a much easier mouthful, Barnes & Noble Press—a publishing device that will include both ebook and print-on-demand. The move surprised practically everyone, as most had written off Barnes & Noble after rumors and announcements over it’s NOOK platform began to sound like a death knell. But hopes and speculation are both on the rise after BN’s press release, stating that, among other things, they’ll be offering an increased royalty rate of 65% for ebooks priced at $10 or above, and the ability to set pre-orders up to 12 months in advance. Does this change BN’s future as an eBook distributor? Comment below to sound off. https://goodereader.com/blog/digital-publishing/bn-rebrands-its-selfpub-platform

Findaway Voices becomes a gateway to Google Play — Audiobook distributor Findaway has announced that their platform, Findaway Voices, will be distributing audiobooks to Google Play’s new audiobook catalog. Voices, a program that Draft2Digital helped to launch in 2017, allows independent authors and publishers to produce and distribute their audiobooks to a global marketplace, without the exclusivity requirements pushed by services such as Amazon’s ACX program. Adding Google Play distribution means that indies now have one of the most coveted retailers in their belts. Could this lead to a greater indie presence on Google Play? https://medium.com/findaway-voices/distribution-update-google-play-launches-audiobooks-620ac0d479ef

Walmart and Rakuten partnership means Kobo ebooks and audiobook distribution — Rakuten, the Japanese company that owns Canadian ebook distributor Kobo, has partnered with retail giant Walmart to deliver groceries in Japan. But the bigger news for indie authors is that Kobo’s catalog of ebooks and audiobooks will now be distributed globally via Walmart.com. Walmart has long courted the ebook industry, with several toe-dips into those waters, but with the muscle of Rakuten behind the deal, this could place Walmart in a position to topple Amazon’s dominance of the marketplace. Do you agree? https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/25/walmart-and-rakuten-partner-on-grocery-delivery-in-japan-kobo-e-books-and-audiobooks-in-u-s/


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