126: How to Make The Most of a Writing Challenge

Writing126: How to Make The Most of a Writing Challenge

126: How to Make The Most of a Writing Challenge

Writing challenges can present great opportunities to improve your writing skills and commitment to the craft. But writing challenges have a dark side that isn’t often discussed. 

The drive to produce a specific creative output, especially within a limited time, can introduce an unhealthy pressure to succeed. This pressure can then lead to creative burnout, a broken writing habit, and feelings inadequacy and shame. These results don’t benefit your writing practice or long-term creative success in any way. 

Still, these potential consequences don’t mean you should avoid participating in writing challenges. In addition to the benefits I shared above, completing a challenge can provide a sense of creative accomplishment and motivation. But how do you gain these positive benefits without encountering unhealthy pressure and its consequences? 

Good news, writer! Today, I’m sharing my top eight tips for making the most of a writing challenge. Let's dig in!

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