124: Platform Doesn’t Have Be Painful

Creative124: Platform Doesn’t Have Be Painful

124: Platform Doesn’t Have Be Painful

Hey there word nerds!

If you subscribe to the DIY MFA newsletter, then you know I’ve had a lot to say lately. In this episode, I reflect on some of the recent themes I’ve been considering, themes like service, responsibility, gratitude and love.

I also talk about some of the obstacles I’ve faced when building my author platform. These aren’t just external roadblocks that got in my way, but also internal factors and limiting mindsets that kept me from sharing my work. Listen in to the full episode below.

In this episode, I talk about several things, including:

  • Why it’s so important for you to share your stories, and how in doing so you not only empower yourself, but you also empower others to do the same.
  • The “filter question” I use to assess all of my creative work, and how this one question helps me go from making a million tiny decisions every day to seeing  on the big picture.
  • Bonus: This year, instead of doing New Year’s resolutions, challenge yourself to craft a filter question for your writing, your work, or even your life as a whole.

In this episode, I also allude to several recent newsletters and articles from DIY MFA. In case you’ve missed them, I have linked to these articles below.

  • Dream Big, Execute Small — how to reframe marketing from being all about you to being in service of your readers.
  • Use Your Words — why now more than ever, writers have the responsibility to use their words with integrity and purpose.
  • The Radicalism of Our TIme — in which I share a “big, scary thing” from my life, and talk about the tension between fear and love.

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