122: How Writers Can Improve Their Work With Grammarly

Writing122: How Writers Can Improve Their Work With Grammarly

122: How Writers Can Improve Their Work With Grammarly

From the copy on your author website to the emails you send your readership and the marketing ads and campaigns you create — to thrive in your writing career, you must present your work to the world with professionalism.

One of my favorite tools for achieving professionalism is Grammarly. After crafting and revising content, Grammarly reveals key insights and inaccuracies that help me polish my work before I present it to the world. And making use of this AI-powered text editor is a joy thanks to its easy-to-use interface and various available formats.

Today, I’m sharing with you how I make use of the features available through Grammarly's online text editor at Grammarly.com. (Note: I've created a video to accompany today's podcast that's available through the episode transcript linked below.)

Article + Transcript: www.well-storied.com/grammarly

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