099: Create Compelling Characters – Interview with Susan Breen

Creative099: Create Compelling Characters – Interview with Susan Breen

099: Create Compelling Characters – Interview with Susan Breen

Hey there Word Nerds! I’m so excited to share this week’s DIY MFA Radio episode with you.

But first, some news. OMG word nerds, our next episode will be number 100 and I have something really exciting planned so make sure to watch your iTunes for that release. That episode will kick-off our weeklong Storytelling Superpower video series designed to help you figure out what stories and what characters you’re BEST at writing.

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Now onto today’s episode.

Today I’m delighted to interview Susan Breen. In addition to being the author of the new Maggie Dove mystery series, Susan is also a wonderful writing teacher and one of my very first mentors. Many listeners have heard me tell the story about how I took a horrendous writing workshop in college. By the end of that semester I was so shaken to my core that I did touch pen to page for seven (yes, seven!) years. Susan was the wonderful teacher who coaxed me back in to writing, and she’s very likely the one responsible for my wanting to be a writing teacher myself.

In this episode, Susan and I talk about one of my favorite writing topics (and likely a favorite of hers too, I suspect): Characters.

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In this episode Susan and I discuss:

  • Where characters come from.
  • Navigating stereotypes while writing characters.
  • Character flaws as character development
  • Making sure your characters think and using description to convey emotion
  • Naming characters

Plus, Susan’s #1 tip for writers. About Susan Breen:

Susan Breen is the author of a new mystery series about Maggie Dove, a Sunday School teacher turned detective. The first book of this series–titled Maggie Dove–came out yesterday and the second will be out on October 4, 2016

Susan also teaches creative writing at Gotham Writers in Manhattan, where I took my very first writing class post-college. Her first book, The Fiction Class, was published by Penguin in 2008 and it’s a fabulous read. She’s also published stories and articles in places like Best American Non-Required Reading, ComposeJournal.com, and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. Mother of three children who are now grown up and flourishing, Susan lives with her husband, two dogs and one cat in the Hudson Valley.

To learn more about Susan, you can visit her website, or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads.

For more info and show notes: DIYMFA.com/099  

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