044: Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Creative044: Take Your Writing to the Next Level

044: Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Hey word nerd! Thanks for joining me. Today’s episode is all about how to take your writing from a hobby to something more. This episode was inspired by an email I received from a fellow word nerd named Emily. She wrote:

“I want to be a writer when I grow up, and I’ve been told that I’m even good at it. I love writing, I really do, I just… I feel like I’m never going to get past writing essays, fanfiction, and short stories for local contests. Do you have any advice?”

Emily, thanks for asking this very important question. This is a big topic that a lot of writers struggle with, but don’t fret! I have a few suggestions that will help you stay on track and maybe even turn your writing hobby into something more.

For show notes and more info: DIYMFA.com/044

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